Choosing time for yourself

Do you spend the majority of your waking hours looking after others? We look after our children, partners, parents, friends, colleagues, patients and/or clients. The idea of "me" time falls to the bottom of the priority list...because there is just NO time!

If you have ever traveled on an airplane, you've heard the airline go over safety preparation. We are told that in event of an emergency, and the cabin pressure changes, oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling panels. They show us how to put the masks on our face, and then show us how to tighten the straps to ensure the best fit. They then tell us  "if you are seated beside someone who requires assistance, please put your mask on FIRST before assisting them". Why? Because if we plan to help them first, and we're not breathing ourselves, then we'll both be in big trouble!!!

Now moving back to that priority list...if we are not taking that oxygen for ourselves first, if we are not finding balance in our days, if we are not "protecting" our own needs, if we are not placing ourselves at the TOP of that priority list, we are at risk for a multitude of physical and health problems.

It is important to remember to include balance in your daily and/or weekly routine, and protect time for you. Reach for that oxygen mask and you will discover that you will be a stronger caregiver to all those you care about.

As you think about that, is that something that would be easy to achieve, or not?

If you need a guidance with how to make that time for yourself, or if you struggle with feeling guilty when choosing me time, contact the clinic, we can help.

...and keep breathing!

This post was written by Alyson Pancer, BSW, MSW, RSW. 

Natalie Chu