Women! Reclaim your Inner Leader!

Inner Leadership Workshop

A 2 hour interactive workshop created by women for women to help leverage your potential in all areas of life. Led by by Shauna Barnes [Leadership Coach & Facilitator] and Sjoukje Remark [Entrepreneur, Wellness Coach & Educator]

When you think of the word LEADER, what words, thoughts and ideas come to mind??

Recently a close colleague (Shauna Barnes, Leadership Coach and Mentor) and I developed a workshop for women around the role of leadership and the influence women have in their relationships at home, as a parent and in the workplace.

To be honest, I was hesitant to use the word LEADER in the description and title. When I think about the word leader, I think about someone with influence like a politician, or the CEO of a huge company. Someone who is older and well educated. Someone who can speak well and someone who can command the attention of many. Even as a women I thought about a man in this role. A women wasn’t the first image that came to my mind.

So to offer a workshop called ‘Inner Leadership for Women’, I wasn’t sure if women outside the role of management or women that fit into the box of what we think is a ‘typical leader’, would know that this workshop was for them as well.

Up until recently I had downplayed my role as a leader. Even though I own a business and have been managing staff for 12 years, I had a hard time thinking of myself as a leader. I didn’t fit my idea and description of what I thought a leader was.

I would often think that I was not qualified, smart enough or have a bold enough personality to be a leader. I am a University drop-out, with no formal business training and on top of that, an introvert. So why would people want to follow me?

But I have come to realize that those thoughts had came from words that were spoken to me over the years from people and the media. I had allowed that to affect me, and affect my perception of what I thought others thought of me.

This led to feelings of inadequacy and feelings of not being enough. Ultimately I was fearful of what others thought of me and it prevented me from sharing my vision, taking risks, and stepping up into a role I didn’t think I could do.


Reclaim your inner leader!

This workshop is for women who are craving more -- more for themselves, their relationships and the world.

Thankfully I have come to learn that my idea of what a leader is has been skewed, and maybe yours has been too.

I have learned that a great leader is more than a loud voice that commands a following, or someone in a position of authority. They are not just men, but women as well. They are not just heads of corporations, politicians, social media icons, bloggers, or celebrities with thousands of followers.

Leaders are everywhere. They are in the home. They are in the church and in the community. They are moms and partners. They are women in the workforce, at ANY level.

Where ever there are relationships there is the ability to influence as a leader.

And great leaders don’t have to be loud, they can be quiet. They can have a servant heart, use their talents to benefit others and they can lead from behind and not always be in the spotlight.

So this is what excites me so much about this workshop Shauna and I have developed. We want you to realize that if you are a mom, daughter, wife, partner, colleague, boss, or friend, then you are in a role to influence. Too often we see capable women unable to experience the full power they have as influencers.

Inner Leadership For Women is about reclaiming your self acceptance and self authority to relationally lead a more dynamic life.

So please come join us to grow and learn. We are so excited for you be be inspired and to draw on our experience by tapping into the power of coaching, journaling and aromatherapy so you can strengthen the mind-body connection and leverage your potential in all areas of your life.

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Sjoukje Remark, RMT

Post written by Sjoukje Remark, RMT

Mom of three. Living life by design. Registered Massage Therapist and Owner of Continuum Wellness