The benefits of staying hydrated are more amazing then you thought!

Drinking more water is not new information and you have probably heard to increase your water intake a million times. But maybe once you understand how being dehydrated effects the function of the lymphatic system, thus impacting the whole body, you might remember to drink more.

The lymphatic system is composed of 95% water ....

..... and as we know, water loves to move and circulate. When the Lymphatic system is well hydrated it is able to move freely and can do it's job to keep body fluids in balance, remove toxins, fight off illness and most importantly destroy abnormal cells.

If we are dehydrated, the lymph becomes stagnant and begins to retain the toxic cellular waste that it is supposed to move away from the body. So your body isn't properly dealing with this junk, it makes sense to how it can be contributing to, or causing your fatigue, sluggish digestion, annoying breakouts, or repetitive illnesses.

Now you know why us RMTs  will often advise you to keep hydrated after a massage! When we hand you a cup of water post-treatment it's because we care :-)

Lemon Water.jpg

Ready to drink more water?

.... add fresh squeezed lemon juice or lemon oil to it!

So if you are going to drink water, why not expedite the hydration and detoxification process by adding lemon to it!! I could do a whole post on the benefits of lemon, so if you don't already know - google it, or just do it, trust me, it's amazing.

I love combining fresh squeezed lemon with a drop of lemon essential oil to my water each morning. You get the health benefits of the lemon juice from the flesh, and benefits of the essential oil that comes from the rind.

The juice that comes from the flesh of the lemon contains citric acid, a chelating agent, which possesses wonderful restorative properties to help support the digestive system.  Lemon essential oil is high in d-Limonene, a natural chemical constituent. This constituent, known as a terpenine, helps support the function of the liver and kidneys to maintain overall digestive health and regularity. Basically, lemon juice and lemon essential oil make the process of waste elimination run more smoothly.

If you go the essential oil route make sure it is labeled safe for internal consumption. We carry a line that is organic, non-gmo and approved safe by Health Canada so you can flavor your food and water naturally. Lemon, Lime, Orange or Spearmint are great oils to make your water taste amazing without sugar or artificial sweeteners.  And I know it will help get you drinking more water!


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Sjoukje Remark, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Post written by Sjoukje Remark, RMT/Clinic Director/Essential Oil Educator at Continuum Wellness